Army ROTC Alumni Society exists to support the Buckeye Battalion cadets and cadre and to promote relations among alumni, cadets, and the university.

The Army Reserve Officer Training Corps has a rich history extending over 100 years on the Ohio State University campus. Thousands of military and community leaders have launched their careers through the program.

Through a variety of events, the society provides a way to share the tradition with cadets, to learn what’s new in the Buckeye Battalion, and to honor cadets and alumni.

Through our social events, e.g., the football homecoming, and various awards programs, the society hopes to promote the spirit and keep alive the legacy that is ROTC at OSU.

Today’s ROTC cadets are training to lead the Army of the future, and they deserve the support of the university and the alumni. We have enjoyed a brief ‘peace dividend’, but we must continue our training and vigilance for new defense challenges around the world and at home.

Among the many ways you can help:

  • Join the society; your dues support programs.
  • Contribute to the Alumni Society scholarship fund…or endow a scholarship for a cadet.
  • Encourage a student to apply for ROTC.
  • Nominate someone for the Hall of Fame.
  • Mentor a cadet.
  • Serve on the Board of Directors.

We welcome you and welcome your ideas for making a better Society and ROTC program.

Don Hulslander

President, Board of Governors