Board of Governors

14 Voting Members of the Board of Governors

David Greer, ’67;
Ed Lang,’68; Vice- President (Hall of Fame inductee 2011)
Fred Schnitzspahn ’69; Secretary
Ken Maykowki, ’70; Treasurer

Remaining Bd. Members:
Tom Adinaro, ’69; Membership Chair
Doug Huber ’97; Communications Chair
Don Hulslander, ’65; ’70 (Immed Past Pres) (HoF 2016)
Greg Rogers ’90
John Stahl, ’89
Cal Taylor; ’69 (HoF 2018)
Jim Watkins, ’70 (HoF 2003)
Kristine Yearwood, ’98

LTC Jack Toohey, Prof.of Mil. Sci. & Leadership ex-officio AND Voting

Cadet Dan Stuhldreher, MS IV (planned ’20), Cadet Rep. AND Voting

Upcoming Events

May 12 3:00pm

Virtual Event – History of ROTC at The Ohio State University

Join us for a panel discussion on how the national Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) was modeled after the "Ohio Plan" in the 1916 National…