COL (Ret.) Barton A. Loomis, Jr., ’41

Born in 1920 and joined The Ohio State University basic ROTC field artillery in the fall of 1937. Graduated in June 1941 as a cadet Colonel and honor graduate candidate for the regular U.S. Army Commission, and was commissioned a Second Lieutenant, Field Artillery in U.S. Reserve. Married 52 years with two daughters, one son and five grandchildren.

Completed the Battery Officers’ Course. Fort Still, Oklahoma in September 1941 and was assigned to 68th Armored Field Artillery Battalion, 1st Armored Division. In January 1942 he became the Executive Officer of A Battery, 68th Field Artillery Battalion. COL Loomis assumed command of the Battery in 1944 and remained in commmand until the end of WWII in 1945. COL Loomis transitioned from active duty to reserve status in September 1945.

While in the reserve, he served as an S-3 with the 324th Field Artillery Battalion – 83rd Division form 1946-1951. Subsequent duty was at Fort Hayes as a Staff Officer and MOB Designee at Fort Meade. Colonel Loomis retired in 1969.

During his career he was decorated with a Bronze Star for a combat incident in Italy in September 1944. In February 1943, his 68th Field Artillery Battalion was awarded a Presidential Unit Citation for defensive action in Sbeitla area as a prelude to Kasserine Pass action in Tunisia.

After leaving active duty, he became a manufacturer’s representative in sales of air conditioning heat exchangers which allowed him to put his hard learned personnel skills to further use.

Currently a charter member of The Ohio State University Army ROTC Alumni Society where he served on the Board. For the last eight years, he was responsible for the issuing of medals to thirteen college and high school units in Central and Southeast Ohio for the Military Order of World Wars.

Still an active member in the Columbus WWII Roundtable and Armed Forces Group at the Senior Center, he serves as a speaker at schools to promote patriotism, historical knowledge and ROTC interest.