LTC (Ret.) Edward H Lang III, ’68

The Ohio State University ROTC Service:

            1964-65:          Freshman, Air Force ROTC

            1965-66:          Sophomore: Army ROTC

                                    Pledged and Accepted into Pershing Rifles

                                    Member of the Counter-Insurgency team and the 22-5 Drill Team

            1966-67           Junior, Army ROTC

                                    Pershing Rifles, Counter-Insurgency Team and 22-5 Drill Team

                                    Placed first in M Company ROTC Summer Camp

            1967-68           Senior, Army ROTC

                                    Appointed as Cadet Brigadier General and a Brigade Commander

Appointed as a Pershing Rifles First Lieutenant and Commanded the Counter-Insurgency Team

Military Service:

            DATE             DUTY STATION                                                                   STATUS

            7/68-6/69         2/508 PIR 82 ABN, North Carolina                                       Active Duty

                                    Assistant S3 and Platoon Leader

                                    Second Lieutenant

            6/69-4/70         D-1/2 Infantry, 1ID, Vietnam                                                Active Duty

                                    Platoon Leader, Executive Officer and Commanding Officer

                                    Promoted to First Lieutenant

            4/70-6/70         2/22 Infantry, 25ID, Vietnam                                                 Active Duty

                                    Assistant S4

            6/70-6/71         Ranger Training Command, Dahlonega, Georgia                   Active Duty


                                    Promoted to Captain

            3/77-10/78       73d Brigade, OHIO National Guard (ONG)                         M-Day

                                    Assistant S-2

            10/78-10/79     73d Brigade, ONG                                                                 M-Day

                                    Brigade Information Officer

            10/79-6/81       D 237 Support Bn, ONG                                                        M-Day

                                    Company Commander

            6/81-9/81         2/48 Infantry 3AD Germany                                                  Active Duty

                                    Battalion Maintenance Officer

            9/81-6/83         A-2/48 Infantry 3AD, Germany                                             Active Duty

                                    Company Commander

            6/83-12/83       2nd Brigade, 3AD, Germany                                                   Active Duty

                                    Deputy Sub Community Commander

DATE             DUTY STATION                                                                   STATUS         1/84-10/85            73d Brigade, ONG                                                                 M-Day

                                    Chemical Office

                                    Promoted to Major

            10/85-10/87     1/147 Infantry, ONG                                                              M-Day

                                    Operations Officer

            10/87-10/88     J2, Detachment 4, ONG                                                         M-Day

                                    Assistant Intelligence Officer

            10/88-10/90     73d Brigade, ONG                                                                 M-Day

                                    Operations Officer

            10/90-10/91     J2, Detachment 4, ONG                                                         M-Day

                                    Ground Operations Officer

                                    Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel

            10/91-9/92       1/166 Infantry, ONG                                                              M-Day

                                    Battalion Commander

            9/92-10/92       73d Brigade, ONG                                                                 M-Day

                                    Operations Officer

            10/92-12/94     1/148 Infantry, ONG                                                              M-Day

                                    Battalion Commander

            01/95-4/96       State Training Branch, ONG                                                  M-Day

                                    Commanding Officer

Military Education:

          DATE                           COURSE                                            SCHOOL LOCATION

            1968                Airborne                                                          Ft Benning

1968                Infantry Officer Basic                                    Ft Benning

            1969                Ranger                                                             Ft Benning

            1979                Infantry Officer Advanced                            Ft Benning     

            1981                Ordnance Officer Advanced                          Ft Eustis

            1981                Battalion Maintenance Officer Course           Grafenwoehr, Germany

            1985                Chemical Officer Advanced                           Ft Eustis

            1989                Command General Staff School                     Ft Leavenworth

            11/91               Infantry Pre Command Course                       Ft Benning

04/95               Battle Focused Instructor Course                   Rickenbacker Army Base

Awards and Commendations:

            Distinguished Military Graduate – ROTC                              1968

            Mershon Honorary – ROTC                                                   1968

            NDSM                                                                                    1968

            Parachute Wings                                                                     1968

            Ranger Tab                                                                              1969

            Combat Infantryman’s Badge                                                            1969

            Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal                                  1970

            Army Commendation Medal w/2OLC                                   1970 & 1989

            Air Medal w/2 Device                                                            1970

            Bronze Star Medal                                                                  1970

            Vietnam Service Medal                                                          1970

            Army Achievement Medal                                                     1983

            Army Reserve Component Overseas Training Ribbon           1983 & 1989

            Army Reserve Component Achievement Medal                    1991

            Meritorious Service Medal                                                      1995

            Legion of Merit                                                                       1996

Professional and Occupational Activities:

            Member, Second Infantry Regiment and 148 Infantry Regiment Associations

            Member, Society of the Frist Infantry Division

            Member, United States Army Ranger Association

            Member, Program 60, The Ohio State University

            Member, Buckeye Club, The Ohio State University